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Name the year and games in the Rockies longest losing streak.


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Lame Quote of the Day: '"The proposed traded is dead," Red Sox president Larry Lucchino said in a statement.' This sentence was ripped directly from page 9D of the Denver Post of December 19, 2003. We had to ask ourselves if Mr. Lucchino is illiterate or drunk, or if this was just another incident of the worst newspaper in America showing its contempt for readers by not bothering to read any of their articles before they go to press. After checking other sources, we concluded it was the latter.  More lame quotes...


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If "Dealin'" Dan Had Never Come to CO

June 2, 2003

  • Vinnie Castilla would still be playing third base. The additional 1,000 to 3,000 Castilla fans that came to every game would have brought in a minimum 1 to 3 million dollars in ticket revenue, with at least that much in additional concession sales.


What do other fans have that Rockies' fans don't?

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 Your ALT-Text here "A lot of lies. A lot of lies. We have been told this and told that, then nothing was done or the complete opposite was done. There has been a lot of stuff that has happened and said from upstairs that hasn't come true." Larry Walker, as quoted in the Denver Post.




Acquired/Retained Gone
INF Mark Bellhorn (re-signed) RHP Jose Jimenez (free agent)
RHP Steve Reed (re-signed) LHP Jesus Sanchez (free agent)
3B Vinny Castilla (free agent/Braves) 2B Ronnie Belliard (waived)
OF Jeromy Burnitz (free agent/Dodgers) INF Brent Butler (signed/Cardinals)
C Todd Greene (free agent/Rangers) OF Luke Allen (waived)
RHP Travis Driskill (Orioles) INF Pablo Ozuna (waived)
RHP Jason Gilfillan (Royals) OF Jay Payton (non-tendered)
RHP Jeff Tam (Blue Jays) INF Kit Pellow (non-tendered)
RHP Brian Tollberg (free agent) RHP Matt Miller (free agent)
INF Benji Gil (free agent/Angels) 3B Chris Stynes (Pirates)
INF Andy Tracy (free agent*) INF Juan Uribe
INF Aaron Miles (trade/White Sox) RHP Justin Speier (Blue Jays)
LHP Joe Kennedy (trade/Devil Rays) RHP Chris Buglovsky
RHP Allan Simpson (trade/Mariners)  
LHP Alex Herrera (waivers from Indians)  


Bye, Tug. We'll Miss You

January 6, 2004. Tug McGraw, the guy with the cherub-face and the million dollar smile, who couldn't stop beating his knee with his glove, or making the big pitch when it counted the most, is gone. He died yesterday at his son, Tim McGraw's home in Nashville, of brain cancer at age 59.

These days, with everyone screaming about Pete Rose, more time should be devoted to guys like Tug, who will never be in the Hall of Fame, but provided many of the Hall of Fame moments that make baseball the kind of game that continues to pull at the heartstrings of its fans, young and old, in spite of the slimy antics of many of it's protagonists like Rose and the Rockies management, to name but a few.

So long, Tug. I, for one, will miss you a lot.

Burnitz Not a Good Fit

December 22, 2003. The Rockies signed Jeremy Burnitz to take the
place of Jay Payton as the starting left fielder.

On the positive side, Burnitz has shown power throughout his career, averaging just over 30 homers a year since coming up with the Mets in 1993.

Now for the negative....
Read the rest of the story

Season Ticket Prices Frozen by Rockies for Fifth Straight Year

Remember supply and demand? To refresh your memory, it goes thusly: When the demand for goods exceeds the supply, prices rise until demand drops. Conversely, when supply exceeds demand, prices drop, thereby stimulating demand. The goal is for supply to equal demand, resulting in the best return for both buyers and sellers.....Read the rest of the story

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Time is Running Out!

Only 162 more Rockies games in Denver before the team moves to Portland. Go to a game before it's too late!

What's New?

Game 162, CO 10, SD 8


The Baseball Observer Predicts


Phillies beat Twins

82-80 and 3rd Place

NL: Mets | AL: Red Sox
NL: Cardinals | AL: Twins
NL: Dodgers | AL: Angels
NL: Phillies | AL: Yankees

NL: Jim Thome
AL: A-Rod
NL: Randy Johnson
AL: Pedro Martinez
NL: Marlon Byrd, Phillies
AL: Hideki Matsui, Yankees

Rockies winning record

Giants collapse, finish 4th

Hampton still lousy

A's collapse

As you can see, the Observer must have been smoking something when he made these predictions. Never-the-less, we will leave them posted until the bitter end.  At this late date (August 26) the Observer concedes that:

Johnson won't win the Cy Young, it will probably be Russ Ortiz.

Hampton will not be lousy.

The Giants and the A's will probably not collapse.

Pedro will probably not win the Cy Young.

The Dodgers will not win the West.

The Mets will not win the East.

The Angels will not win anything.

We think we still have a fair chance on the rest, or it could be a shutout.

We Couldn't Make This Stuff Up!

March 17, 2003
"The Dreamer"
Rockies Co-Owner Charlie Monfort bet Denver Post hack Mark Kiszla dinner that the Rocks would win at least 90 games in 2003!

"Mad Science"
Rockies' management is actually (according to unreliable sources at the Denver Newspapers) considering building one or more hyperbaric batting cages under Coors Field so that hitters can practice hitting under barometric conditions similar to those at sea level.

"Expecting to Fly"
A quote from Jim Armstrong's vacuous column in the Sunday, March 16, 2003 Denver Post:
Rangers manager Buck Showalter, recalling a conversation he once had with former Rockies coach Ron Hassey. "He told me: 'One of the worst things that happened to us is we got in the playoffs that first year at Coors Field. A lot of people don't realize it was a strike-shortened season. If we had played a full season, we wouldn't have been in the playoffs. It gave the organization some unrealistic hope.' " ...

More Proof Hurdle is a Buffoon -or- Why the Rockies Don't Win
February 19, 2003. Troy E. Renck reported this Clint Hurdle quote in today's Denver Post: "One of my pet peeves is hearing pitching guys talking about how guys throw in the bullpen. I was a hitting guy for a long time, and I never went in and told the manager that we needed to get a guy in the lineup because he hit well in BP. That dog doesn't hunt with me."

Why the 2003 Rockies are Not Like the 2002 Angels

March 28, 2003. The Denver news media, not to mention the Rockies themselves, are spending a lot of time trying to convince fans that Colorado can be successful this year ...

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