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Just as we (almost) told you in April...

Rockies Lose World Series!

Lame Quote of the Day: 10/22/2007 "The Rockies were stunned. They had no idea this was going to happen." Channel Nine Newscaster Ward Lucas in the aftermath of the World Series ticket debacle. The Rockies' management team were the only surprised people in the Western Hemisphere; everyone else expected it. - Ed.

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The Price of Failure
With seat prices averaging in excess of $100 in the 2007 World Series, the Rockies lost at least $5,000,000 by not winning just one game.
The Price of Success
By not losing one game in the 2007 LDS and LCS, the Rockies lost at least $3,000,000 in ticket revenue alone!


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  • Vinnie Castilla would have continued playing third base. The additional 1,000 to 3,000 Castilla fans that came to every game would have brought in a minimum 1 to 3 million dollars in ticket revenue, with at least that much in additional concession sales.


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March 23, 2007.
There is justice in the world of sports after all! The Ohio State Buckeyes lost to the Florida Gators in the final NCAA basketball game of the 2006-2007 season. Ohio State should not have been in the game as they lost to both Xavier and Tennessee but were allowed to advance by incompetent (or worse) officials. Worse, in the semis, they beat Georgetown who also should not have been there, having been beaten by Vanderbilt and allowed to advance anyway by the worst officiating in college history.

 Your ALT-Text here "A lot of lies. A lot of lies. We have been told this and told that, then nothing was done or the complete opposite was done. There has been a lot of stuff that has happened and said from upstairs that hasn't come true." Larry Walker, as quoted in the Denver Post.

Let Us Introduce You to Troy E. Renck, World's Worst Baseball Reporter

April 1, 2007. It's Opening Day and Troy E. (the "E" stands for "exasperating") Renck trots out his preseason picks and pap about the new season in the Denver Post. Strangely, Troy's get worse every year, probably the disillusionment starting to sink in along with the realization that this is it for him, the apogee of a career at a third rate paper following a team that views itself as a "small market" institution. Cheer up, Mr. Renck, your counterpart at the other rag in town, Tracy Ringolsby at the Rocky Mountain News, was actually inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame last year, and he is every bit as lame as you are! And he knows almost as little about baseball as you do.

Anyway, back to the subject of Renck's predictions for the coming season. First, he seems to be predicting that the Phillies will win the East division in the National League. Then again, maybe not, in his own words: "Howard gets pitches to hit as Burrell revives his career..." and then "There's no way he (Howard) reaches 58 home runs this year unless Philadelphia upgrades from Pat Burrell as the primary protection behind him." Which is it, Troy?

Troy picks the Rockies to finish dead last in their division, while waxing poetic about the greatness of their pitching, hitting, management, etc. He also peppers his commentary with gems like: "you would think the NL West was to baseball what Sandra Bullock is to time travel films." Troy is to sports writing what Jack Black is to acting.


What Other Sites Are Saying About Colorado

April 8, 2007.

Halos Heaven

Colorado Rockies (3-2): They'll probably stay productive for a while, then crash and burn before settling down into last place all over again. Holliday and Atkins can hit, but so can anyone in Colorado. Ask their poor pitching staff, they know that pretty well. It's gonna be another wasted year in the thin air.

March 31, 2007.

True Blue LA

"For the first time in years, things are looking up for the Rockies."
MVN: That's Our Fifth Starter, Folks...
"...Fogg chipped in with two RBI doubles. Perhaps he is being kept on the roster as the primary pinch hitter and Ryan Spilborghs, John Mabry, and Alexis Gomez are secretly competing for the fifth starter spot. Knowing Clint Hurdle and his sometimes random decisions, I wouldn’t be surprised. "

"Colorado finally has a plan, and it’s sticking to it. Still nothing more than a last place team, at least the Rockies are developing young talent and looking toward the future. "

Sport Table
"Mile high hopes. The Colorado Rockies enter the 2007 season with a bunch of young talent in a division filled with a bunch of weak teams. The Rockies will look to parlay that into contention for the division title and hopefully a trip to the playoffs. As usual, there is no pitching talent to be found here, so they will have to rely upon their offense and some luck."

Sports Network

"All three players acquired in the Jennings deal - centerfielder Willy Taveras, starter Jason Hirsch, and reliever Taylor Buchholz - will all have a big part on the 2007 Rockies, so I guess we will wait and see. One thing is for sure, though, fans in Colorado are growing impatient and if this move does not pan out, O'Dowd could find himself unemployed at season's end. "

Purple Row/Rox Girl
I don't believe we actually have the best chance of winning the division. We might not even have the second best chance. It will take some luck and a somewhat spectacular Ubaldo Jimenez to get to that 89 win total. I'm just saying that we've got a chance in this thing, and it's a pretty solid chance given our lineup. So since seemingly no other rational person was giving us the love we deserve, I'm here. Yeah, call me a cheerleader or whatever, but Your 2007 NL West division winners: the Colorado Rockies.


Rockies Are Now National Laughingstock

November 1, 2007.  So far, Steven Colbert has ridiculed the Rockies, saying instead of trying to trademark "Rocktober" they should have gone for "Choke-tember", and David Letterman devoted a large portion of his show to lampooning the team. Letterman, who has been ridiculing the Mets unmercifully since the season ended, turned his attention on the Rockies. He began as soon as the crowd finished applauding his entrance into the studio by suggesting the ovation lasted longer than the World Series.  He devoted his "Top Ten List" to Rockies' excuses. Now Denver TV stations are encouraging viewers to email and write Letterman and express their displeasure.

Game 4 - Hurdle Throws Game, Boston Wins 4-3

October 28, 2007. Hurdle proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not ready for the big time, as he turned the Rockies into modern day versions of the 1950 Phillies, affectionately known as the "Whiz Kids". The parallels are unmistakable, up to a point. Both teams won the pennants by surmounting incredible odds that left their fates in doubt until the last day of the season.  Then both were swept by more experienced East Coast teams. The Phils were beaten by the Yankees with future Hall of Famers Joe DiMaggio, Whitey Ford,  Yogi Berra, Phil Rizzuto and Manager Casey Stengal, who notched the second of 5 consecutive World Championships. In spite of the daunting competition, the Phillies, with future Hall members of their own, center fielder Richie Ashburn and pitcher Robin Roberts, lost by only one run in three of the four games. The Rockies lost by one run in two of the games, but were blown out in the other two. But Colorado can take some solace from the comparison, because the Phillies returned to the World Series and won, just 30 years later!

But back to Clint, if anyone out there knows why he was saving his pitchers during the last game, please let us know. Apparently he was so confident it would go to seven games, he was willing to lose another one in order to save his bullpen by leaving Cook in. Perhaps he had lost count. Hey Clint, once you lose four, it's over! Oh, and remember game two in Boston, when you played the infield in and the guy hit it right where Tulo normally played and it opened the floodgates for a route? Did it work any better in the last game? No, actually Big Pappi hit the ball right where Matsui would have been standing and it ended up being an RBI single. Without those two runs, Colorado wins 3-2 and plays at least another night. Shades of Don Baylor, who blew games one and two of the playoffs in 1995 with boneheaded calls. You have to give something to both Hurdle and Baylor, though, because they were totally original. They did things in the postseason that no other manager would ever have thought of doing! If only because they didn't make sense, and didn't work.

Game 3 - Horrors! Boston Wins Again, 10-5

October 27, 2007. The Boston Red Sox have now won 7 World Series games in a row and Rockies Manager Clint Hurdle's best try at a comment was that now the Colorado team is on "groundbreaking territory", referring to the fact that all 26 teams in history that have been behind 3 games to none have lost the Series, 22 in sweeps. Hurdle bears the major responsibility for this loss, invoking the old Don Baylor 6-run rule (Baylor frequently waited until his pitchers had undergone total meltdowns and gave up 6 runs or more before replacing them. If he had used a more sensible approach, this would be the Rockies' 2nd or 3rd World Series, at least.) for replacing his starting pitcher, Josh Fogg. The Baseball Observer and most of the Rockies Fans in attendance would have pulled Fogg before the game got out of hand. If "Rube" would have gone to Jackson Morales after the first two runs scored in the 3rd, the Rockies may have taken the lead for good on Holliday's three-run blast in the seventh. As it was, the Sox got 6 in the third, including two on a single and first Big League hit by the pitcher. The Rockies responded with two in the 6th and 3 in the 7th to make a game of it, only to blow it in the eighth, when once again, the entire Rockies' coaching staff had a brain freeze and left an ineffective pitcher on the field until he had allowed too many runs from which to recover. Don't they realize this is the World Series? This is for all the marbles, for heaven's sake! What are they saving their pitchers for? Obviously, Hurdle and his crew are not ready for the Big Time. If they had just turned on a TV and listened to the commentators, they may have won the last two games. It doesn't get any worse than that - when Tim McCarver and Joe Buck are smarter than the guys on the field.

Game 2 - Better Showing, But Still A 2-1 Loss

October 25, 2007. Curt Schilling and the Boston Red Sox are now two games up on the Purple and Black because Manager Clint Hurdle was a little behind and ersatz MVP-Candidate Matt Holiday got way ahead of himself. Hurdle waited one batter too many before removing starter Ubaldo Jimenez, with the result being an RBI double by Mike Lowell which turned out to be the winning run. Holliday singled with two out in the eighth, then, anticipating scoring from first if Todd Helton got a hit, drifted too far off the bag and was picked off for the third out by Boston closer Jonathan Papelbon. The RockStreak is definitely over, with the first consecutive losses since September 15th, and the Rockies need to start a new four game win skein when they return to Coors/Molsen/Miller (CMM Field) on Saturday night. Rockies fans will certainly settle for four out of five, though.

Game 1 - Massacre in Massachusetts - Sox 13, Rox 1

October 24, 2007. Was it the 8-day layoff, the cold and wet conditions, first World Series jitters, or bad Karma wrought by the owners with their ticket distribution and other misdeeds? Or had the over-rated Rockies finally run out of luck against the best team in baseball? Is the RockStreak over? Maybe it was the plodding manager who finally made a strange move that didn't pay off - playing the infield "in" during the first inning, only to watch a third-out liner sail over Tulowitzki's head, opening the floodgates. Actually, it may have been a little bit of all of those things. One thing you can say for certain is that the Rockies ran into Josh "Buzzsaw" Beckett, and there probably haven't been many teams, short of the 1927 Yankees, who could have beat him tonight. For the RockStreak, tomorrow will tell, because the Rockies haven't lost two in a row since early September. If they beat Schilling, the streak resumes. 

Tickets Sold Out in Denver

October 23, 2007. The Rockies PR guy, Elvis Alves, announced yesterday that the Rockies sold an additional 225,000 tickets (1,500 per minute for 150 minutes), which along with the estimated 96,000 that were previously accounted for by VIPs, brings the total to 321,000 tickets or 107,000 per game. Pretty good trick for a stadium that holds just over 40,000. But don't worry, fans, any minute the Rockies will be announcing the sale of standing room only tickets. But first they have to finish drawing 6 inch by 6 inch squares on every area of exposed floor including hallways, bathrooms, closets, stairways, etc. SRO prices haven't been announced yet, but they will probably only be sold online, starting at $400, and rising to the triple digits for the ones from which you may actually see, hear, or smell the game.

No World Series Tickets for Rockies Fans

October 22, 2007. The Rockies decided that an empty stadium would be better than having a bunch of unruly fans both clamoring for tickets before games and complaining about it while sitting in Coors/Molsen/Miller Field watching another boring Rockies win over a heavily favored opponent. So, they refused to sell tickets at any of the normal venues, saying instead that they could be purchased on the "Internet" (wink, wink) at 10:00 AM Monday. Instead, they just put up a screen that counted back to zero from 60 repeatedly. After receiving 8.5 million complaints, mostly from ticket brokers, the Rockies spokesman Jay Alves or Elvis or something like that, characterized the fans' attempts to buy tickets as a "vicious attack" which caused their server (a Radio Shack TRS-80) to go down. They said they had managed to find a backup server at a flea market and fans could try again Tuesday at noon. A Rockies executive who wished to remain anonymous recommended that fans not hold their breath while waiting for the tickets to be issued.

Excitement in Boston

October 20, 2007. Rocktober (which I believe is a trademark of the the Hard Rock Cafe, or a web site for a freelance DJ in Minneapolis who says it includes "Mandatory Metallica Mondays") has become Bore-Tober or Anticipation-tober in Denver as we wait to see who the Rockies opponents will be in the World Series of Baseball. Meanwhile, in Beantown (it's another name for Boston, honest) the Red Sox have tied the National League Championship Series at three games apiece with a stunning 12-2 victory behind the brilliant pitching of 40-year old Curt Schilling. So, everyone in Boston and Cleveland is all atwitter about Sunday night's game to settle the whole thing. There are a lot of exciting back stories going on that we're not getting here, like Boston players bringing food to people waiting in line for tickets. There also seems to be bad blood between the two teams, though they are trying to shrug it off. Fans are even naming their children after the team. You don't see this stuff happening here. Denver's got a long way to go to be a world-class baseball town.

2007 Rockies - Team of Destiny

October 18, 2007. Well, everyone else is saying it, so there; the Baseball Observer said it too.

Both Potential WS Opponents Have Rockies Connections

October 17, 2007. Whether Colorado plays Boston or Cleveland in the Fall Classic, there will be some familiar faces in the opposing dugout. Cleveland's manager Eric Wedge, for example, was selected in the Expansion Draft in 1992 and played 9 games for the Rockies as a catcher and pinch-hitter in September, 1993, the first year of the team's existence.

Real Reason Behind the RockStreak

October 16, 2007. The reason the Rockies will sweep the playoffs for the first time in the current format? Not the clutch hitting. Not the great fielding plays at just the right time. Not the brilliant management moves. Not the incredible pitching by an unlikely cast of rookies and castoffs. No, Clint Hurdle unveiled the real reason after the game on Tuesday. What was it? He has been writing the number 64 at the top of the lineup card before every game. No, really, that's what he said. You can't make this stuff up.

NLCS Game 4: Rockies 6,  D-backs 4

October 15, 2007. It wasn't as close as it looks, because it was really over when the Rockies exploded for 6 runs with two outs in the fourth on a two-run pinch-hit double by Seth Smith, followed by a 1-run single by Kazuo Matsui and capped by a three run monster home run to deep center by Matt Holliday. Once again, every move by Rube turned out golden while every move the opponent did or didn't make turned into ugly, smelly stuff. Bring on Boston or Cleveland! World Series!

NLCS Game 3: Rockies 4,  D-backs 1

October 14, 2007. In a game that should never have been a) scheduled as a night game and b) played at all given the conditions, the Rockies continued the RockStreak by beating the obviously disheartened Diamondbacks, winning the 20th of their last 21 games. Josh Fogg pitched way over his head, giving up only one run in 6 innings, no doubt aided by wet balls and turf. Yorvit Torrealba provided all of the offense needed with a 3-run homer in the 6th.

NLCS Game 2: Rockies 3, Diamondbacks 2

October 12, 2007. Willy Taveras was the hero of the game, with a game-saving catch or two in center field and the bases-loaded walk in the 11th to produce the winning run. Hurdle continues to make moves that would have backfired on him but are golden during the current amazing RockStreak as he watches them win their 18th of the last nineteen games including the first 5 in the playoffs, tying a record. Six more wins doesn't seem out of reach at this point, which would be the greatest playoff streak of all time and couldn't be broken (unless they add a few more Wild Card rounds in the future). The most impressive part of the RockStreak has been the pitching, with last night's cast of Ubaldo Jimenez, Matt Herges, LaTroy Hawkins, Brian Fuentes, Manny Corpas, and Ryan Speier getting the job done, even with Corpas blowing the save by allowing the tying run in the bottom of the ninth. 

NLCS Game 1: Rockies 5, Diamondbacks 1

October 11, 2007. The real stars of the Rockies came out tonight as Brad Hawpe and Jeff Frances hit and pitched their way to home field advantage with a victory over Arizona and the only pitcher to beat them in the past 19 games, Brandon Web. Frances held Arizona to 1 run over 6 and a third while Hawpe's two run single provided all of the offense necessary. Clint Hurdle chipped in plenty of his painful, embarrassing homilies, which we will be hearing in truckloads on all of the talk shows this winter once his "miracle" team wins the World Series.

Colorado Sweeps Philadelphia in the LDS!

October 6, 2007. The Rockies did it! With the help of the annual Philly Choke, which came a week later than the previous three years. The Rockies won 2-1, although an assist must be given to the Philadelphia offense, that was taking desperate wild swings at pitches outside of the strike zone, several that would have resulted in walks, and at least one that would have resulted in at least one run in the first inning. Another assist should be given to the Philadelphia defense, that missed two fly balls that should have been caught, and a grounder that should have been stopped, resulting in all of the Rockies' runs. And one more assist should be given to the Phillies' manager, who decided to leave a left-handed pitcher (who was not pitching well, to boot) in against a right-handed pinch hitter with two outs in the eighth inning when his right-handed closer was ready to come in. The result was a base hit by Jeff Baker that drove in the winning run. The Rockies had nothing going for them offensively on Saturday night, and they won anyway. By all accounts, it won't be as easy against Arizona, a team that is far more disciplined and fundamentally sound, not to mention better managed, than the Phillies. Hopefully, the offense will wake up in Phoenix on Thursday. In any case, this Rockies team has cemented itself in history as the greatest Colorado team so far! Way to go Rockies!

Strange Brew - Everybody Sweeps/Swept in First Two

October 6, 2007. The Baseball Observer has never seen anything like this before. All four of the League Divisional Series (LDS) find one team in command 2 games to none. One team, Colorado swept their opponents, Philadelphia, on the road. In the other three, Boston,  Cleveland, and Arizona, have swept their opponents, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, at home. The whole thing is weird.

So far, the Observer's predictions are looking good - the Rockies are on their way to sweeping the Phillies and proceeding to the League Championship Series with the Arizona Diamondbacks, whom they beat 10 times out of 18 in the regular season. The Angels, on the other hand, have lost their first two in Boston, but had the best record at home in baseball at 54 and 27 (.667).  They won two of three at home against Boston earlier this year, so they still have a fairly good chance, though it is more likely that Boston or Cleveland will be there.

Rockies Win Game 2 of LDS

October 4, 2007. The Phillies pitching disaster continued from the regular season as the Rockies preyed on the weak offerings to the tune of 10 runs to Philadelphia's 5. Kazuo Matsui was a single short of hitting for the cycle including a Grand Slam Home Run. Now the only problem will be the hideous schedule the League saddled the two teams with, including a possible Sunday night game where the temperature is expected to be around freezing with possible snow. Better wrap it up Saturday night.

Rox Win First Game of Division Series, 4-2

October 3, 2007. Todd Helton tripled to start the second, Garrett Atkins doubled, Yorvit Torrealba singled, and Troy Tulowitzki walked with the bases loaded off Philadelphia Ace Cole Hamels for all the runs they would need behind the 4-hit pitching of Jeff Frances. The Rockies won their second playoff game ever, both on the road.

Purple Wednesday October 3, 2007.

From the Mayor's Press Release:

"Mayor Hickenlooper Proclaims October 3, 2007,

Colorado Rockies Purple Wednesday” in Denver

(DENVER) As the Colorado Rockies prepare to battle the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League Division Series, Mayor John Hickenlooper officially proclaimed Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2007, “Colorado Rockies Day” in Denver .  He encouraged Rockies fans everywhere to wear purple on Wednesday in support of Colorado ’s home team when the Rockies make their second postseason appearance in club history.

 “Congratulations to the entire Rockies organization on a thrilling finish to the regular season,” Hickenlooper said. “Their 14-of-15 win streak was as inspirational as it was entertaining. They never gave up, nor did their many thousands of fans, myself among them.

 “We wish them continued success as they take their red-hot game to Philadelphia ,” added Hickenlooper, who was raised outside of Philadelphia and grew up as a Phillies fan. “We’ll be rooting for them to go all the way and are proud to call them our home team.”

 Hickenlooper also is negotiating a friendly wager with Philadelphia Mayor John Street . Details will be released once they are available.

 # # #

 Text from Mayor Hickenlooper’s proclamation:

 WHEREAS,   The Colorado Rockies defeated the San Diego Padres 9-8 in 13 innings at Coors Field on October 1, 2007, winning the wildcard spot in the National League Division Series; and


WHEREAS,   Since 1993, the City and County of Denver has proudly been the home of Colorado ’s Major League Baseball team; and


WHEREAS,   The Colorado Rockies have helped activate and energize Lower Downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods bringing fans from across the state to Coors Field and local businesses; and


WHEREAS,   Everyone in the Denver metro area and Colorado Rockies fans worldwide are encouraged to wear purple on Wednesday, October 3, 2007, to support the Colorado Rockies in their quest for the National League Division title.


NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOHN W. HICKENLOOPER, MAYOR of the City and County of Denver, Colorado , by virtue of the authority vested in me, do hereby officially proclaim Wednesday, October 3, 2007, to be known as:



IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand as caused the official seal of the City and County of Denver to be affixed this third day of October, 2007.

  John W. Hickenlooper, Mayor"

Rockies Beat San Diego, Crowned Wild Card!

October 1, 2007. It wasn't pretty. First they got a three run lead on ace pitcher Peavy, then blew it by giving up a Grand Slam in the 3rd inning. Losing 4-3, they edged back with single runs in the 3rd and 5th, then pushed across another in the 6th to take the lead. But Holliday misplayed a fly ball of the bat of San Diego' Brian Giles in the 8th to tie the game and ultimately send it to extra innings. In the 13th, Hurdle refused to pull Raul Julio even though it was obvious that he couldn't pitch, and the result was a walk and homerun off of a pitch that he obviously threw for a strike with no mustard on it.

But it turned out to be a brilliant strategy, because the game now became a "save situation" for San Diego, and by law they had to run out over-the-hill, washed-up, future hall-of-fame closer Trevor Hoffman. Nearly everyone who has heard of Major League Baseball knows this guy doesn't have anything left, except the Padres and manager Bud Black, of course. Even blowing the save that cost them the wild card clincher in Milwaukee didn't convince them. So, Hurdle gave them the little lead to bring out Hoffman, and the results were predictable when Colorado's hitters teed off on his batting practice "fast" balls: Double - double - triple - Line Drive - Game! Holliday tried to blow it with a moronic head-first slide, but the umpire, probably wanting to save Hoffman further humiliation, or tired, or late for a flight out,  counted the run. And the Rockies move on to the playoffs in Philadelphia.

Just as the Baseball Observer predicted in April. Go Rockies!

Holliday Not MVP Material

October 1, 2007. As he has done all year, Matt Holliday misplayed an easy fly ball into a double. Only this time it was in the eighth inning of the sudden-death single-game play-in for the playoffs, and it allowed the Padres to tie the game. Meanwhile, at bat he was largely mute, as he usually is when the chips are down, including a strikeout with a runner on second, right after his miscue. He did help in the 13th with a triple, and scored the winning run, but it was obvious that Hoffman was throwing batting practice out there and Holliday actually blew it with a stupid head-first slide that probably made him miss the plate. But the umpire was tired and counted the score anyway. Another stupid aspect of the slide was that Matt landed on his face and obviously suffered an injury that caused him to miss the on-field celebration. His numbers are good - he won the batting and RBI titles, but they are totally misleading. The Rockies would do fine without him. If they spend $150 million on him, it just means they will have to let several better players go.

Postseason! (Sort of)

September 30, 2007. The Rockies squeaked by the Diamondbacks' second-stringers 4-3, while the Brewers smashed San Diego 11-6 to put the Rockies into a 1-game playoff for the Wild Card on October 1st in Denver! The winner begins a 5-game series with the Phillies in Philly on Wednesday. Unbelievable!

Postseason Still Alive for the Rockies!

September 29, 2007. Thanks to a famous name in San Diego Padres history and an 11-1 victory over an Arizona team that has other priorities, the Rockies still have a decent chance of at least participating in a playoff for the playoffs. Tony Guinn, Jr., son of the long time Padre star, set the stage with his dramatic 9th inning RBI triple, lined to right off Trevor Hoffman with two strikes and two outs in Milwaukee. The blow tied the score, and the Brewers won in 11th, freezing San Diego at 89 wins.  The Rockies won their 88th, partly because they needed the win to stay alive and partly because Milwaukee's loss gave their opponent, the Diamondbacks, clear title to the West Championship and home field throughout the playoffs. If San Diego wins Sunday, they are the Wild Card Team and the Phillies, Mets, and Rockies are eliminated. The former two are still eligible for the East Division Championship, for which they are currently tied. But, if the Padres should lose, their could be as many as 3 teams tied for Wild Card, setting up some wild playoff scenarios.

Stay tuned!

Colorado Finally Loses

September 28, 2007. Apparently Mark Kiszla in the Denver Post was right and the Dodgers were not even trying to win in their losses to the Rockies during the 11 game win streak. Way to accent the negative, Kiszla. The valiant Rockies finally met their match tonight, however, as they lost to the first-place-clinching Arizona Diamondbacks by a 4-2 margin. They were still in it until the ninth, with two on when the final out was made. Now the Rockies must win their last two games while San Diego loses their last two in order to tie for the wild card. Not what fans had hoped for, but they have shown a determination to try no matter how small the odds are. No matter what, it has been the best season in Rockies' history. What a ride!

Rockies Pummel LA for 11th Straight

September 27, 2007. For the 7th time in the last 11 games, the Dodgers didn't put up much resistance as that juggernaut that is the reborn Colorado Rockies flattened them en route to a three game showdown with faltering West leaders Arizona at Coors/Molsen over the weekend. The final score was 10-4 (over and out) as Rockies Rookie Franklin Morales tied the franchise record for consecutive scoreless innings by a starter with 20, while Todd Helton, Garret Atkins, and Brad Hawpe homered. The Rockies remain a game behind the Padres and 2 games behind Arizona, who beat Pittsburgh 8-0. All the Rockies have to do now is sweep Arizona while the Padres lose two to the Brewers and Colorado will be the West champs, just as the Baseball Observer predicted in April!

Rockies Shut Out Dodgers for 10th Straight Win

September 26, 2007. Another first in Colorado Baseball history arrived Wednesday as the Rockies, starring Josh Fogg and 3 relievers shut out LA. Katzuo Matsui and Matsui Holliday knocked in an RBI apiece, keeping the Rockies on pace in the Wildcard race with San Diego and Philadelphia. Western Division title hopes are still alive for the Rox as well, because they moved within 2 games of Arizona, who lost to Pittsburgh. The Rockies' last three games are against Arizona at Coors/Molsen, so winning the Division is a real possibility if they keep winning.

Colorado Catches Phils With 9th in Row

September 25, 2007. The Rockies and Padres both won, so Colorado remains 1 game out of the Wild Card and 3 games behind losing Arizona for the division title. They are now tied with the Phillies thanks to Tulowitzki's home run in the sixth that gave them a 6-5 lead on the way to a 9-5 victory over the nemesis Brad Penney and the Dodgers. The loss eliminated Los Angeles from the playoffs. Matt Holliday got two hits in his return from a strained muscle. Todd Helton contributed 3 hits and two RBI. Ryan Speier got the win in relief of starter Eubaldo Jimenez who gave up all 5 Dodger runs. Matt Herges threw two scoreless innings and Brian Fuentes and Manny Corpas chipped in one each, with Corpas getting the save, his 17th.

Winning Eight in a Row - Priceless

September 23, 2007. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the greatest Colorado Rockies team ever! Jeff Frances tied the all-time victories by a Rockies pitcher record at 17, while the team won their 84th game, the most ever for the franchise. To add to the improbability, they beat future hall of famer and Rockies-killer Greg Maddux, chasing him from the game with 5 runs before he could get through 4 innings. They cruised from there, winning 7-3 and keep their magic number at 6 for the wild card and 3 for the division title thanks to losses by the Diamondbacks and Phillies. In order for the Rockies to get into the playoffs, there will have to be more losses by those teams, and there are only 6 games left.

Hawpe Hero As Rockies Beat Padres

September 21, 2007. Brad Hawpe knocked in both runs, with the last being the best, a deep blast to center in the 14th inning as the Rockies moved to 3.5 games behind San Diego by ending the Padre's 7 game winning streak while increasing their own to 6. Eight Rockies pitchers beginning with phenom Franklin Morales held SD to just 4 hits, 3 by closer Manny Corpus. But the only hits that mattered were Hawpe's as the Rockies stayed barely alive in race for the postseason. Because Arizona won, Colorado's magic number in the division race is down to 4, but remains at 6 in the wild card.

Holliday, Hawpe, and Tulo Tally Trips

September 20, 2007. You can't tell the Rockies it's too late for them to win the division or the Wild Card. It is too late, of course, but you can't tell the Rockies, they're still playing like they think there really is a chance. Which there isn't. Anyway, Holliday hit another homer, his 11th in 12 games and 36th of the season. Tulowitzki and Hawpe matched Matt with 3 RBI days of their own, accounting for all of the runs in the 9-4 victory and sweep of the 4 game series over the Dodgers, which virtually eliminated any chance of playoffs for the Los Angelenos. Ironic, when you remember last year the Rockies put LA in the playoffs and eliminated the Phillies by rolling over and playing dead for the Dodgers.

Now the Rockies have guaranteed themselves at least a .500 season and have a shot at their best record ever. However, they are still 4.5 games behind San Diego and their magic numbers are 5 and 6 to Arizona and the Padres, with 9 to play. This means if the Rockies win all of their remaining games, the other two teams will still beat them if the win 5 and 6 games respectively. Not a promising prospect, but who knows?

Hawpe and Holliday Homer Happy

September 19, 2007. Brad Hawpe's two-run dinger in the 8th provided the final 6-5 margin as the Rox moved a game ahead of the Dodgers and threatened a four-game sweep.

Helton Caps Miracle Finish

September 18, 2007. Some unfamiliar people have been stepping up lately to keep the Rockies barely hanging on the race for the last postseason position. Tonight, though, it was the most familiar Rockies face of them all, as Todd Helton ripped a 2 run home run blast with two outs in the bottom of the ninth the lead Colorado to a come-from-behind 9-8 victory and doubleheader sweep over the Dodgers at Molsen/Coors.

Frances Gets Back on Track

September 18, 2007. After a hideous outing in Philadelphia where he gave up 8 runs in a 12-4 defeat, Jeff Frances returned to his ace form, holding the Dodgers to 1 run in 6 and 2/3rd, striking out a career-high 10 as Colorado won the first game of today's doubleheader, 3-1.  Holliday, Helton, and Joe Koshansky each plated a run for the winning margin. For the September call-up rookie Koshansky, the pinch-hit double in the 7th gave him his second RBI in just 6 at bats.

Morales Mashing Marlins

September 16, 2007. Impressive rookie hurler Franklin Morales is leading the Rockies to a slaughter of Florida, giving up no runs over 6 and yielding only 3 hits while striking out 5. Currently in a rain delay, the Rockies lead 11-0, aided by homeruns by Atkins, Helton, and Holliday. It may be too little, too late as the Phillies have already won and Arizona and San Diego are both leading in their games. The Rockies later concluded the Marlin-mashing with a lucky 13-0 victory.

Marlins at Molsen

September 15, 2007. Marlins and Molsen (AKA Coors) go together well, unfortunately for the Colorado Rockies, who are watching the fish from Florida stomp out the flame of their postseason dream by posting another victory over the home team as Wild Card leader San Diego wins again, raising the Rockies' deficit to 4.5 games in the WC and 6.5 in the NL West. Their tragic numbers are now 8 in the West and 11 in the Wild Card. That means any combination of wins by the leaders and losses by the Rockies equals elimination. There is some good news, though, with the next win, the Rox will have one more victory than last year, and 6 more with 14 left to play and they will have a winning record for only the fifth time in team history! If they win 8 of the 14, they will have the best record ever!

Rox Miss Marlins at Molsen

September 14, 2007. Matt Holliday hit another one of his meaningless home runs in the bottom of the ninth to make the final margin 7-6 as the Rockies lost to a lousy Marlin team and dropped 3.5 games back of Wild Card leader San Diego. Their magic number is now 9 in the NL West and 13 in the Wild Card. Holliday always seems to get his homeruns and RBI in games that are blowout wins or losses. They'll still look great on his stat sheet when his agent negotiates his multi-million dollar contract with some other team while the rest of the Rockies are watching the playoffs on television.

Phillies Strike Back 12-4

September 13, 2007.  This game started out looking good for the Rockies, who punched across 3 runs in the top of the first and sent their ace Jeff Frances to the mound. The Phillies sent 9 batters to the plate and ended the inning scoring 4 runs to take the lead. Frances then put out the fire for two frames, but imploded in the 4th, giving up 4 and the route was on. Matt Holliday was practically invisible in this game, going 0-3 with a walk and a strikeout, no RBI and 4 runners left on base.

Rockies' Pitching Team Shuts Out Phils 12-0

September 12, 2007. Matt Holliday hit his 30th homer, a three-run shot in the third, as the Rockies used four pitchers to throw a 4-hit shutout at the listless Phils. Mark Redman got the win in relief with a 5 inning, 2 hit, 4 strikeout performance, to achieve his first win of the season against 4 losses. Todd Helton had 3 each of hits and RBI, Cory Sullivan had 3 hits including his 2nd homer, and Troy Tulowitzki added 2 hits and 2 RBI.

Colorado Rips Phils 8-2

September 11, 2007. Philadelphia came out flat and never seemed to get it together, making uncharacteristic mistakes and playing without any enthusiasm. The Rockies did their best to let them back into the game, but the Phillie pitchers just threw them too many fat pitches. Matt Holiday, yesterday's goat, knocked in 3 superfluous runs with two home runs to take the NL RBI lead as Colorado won 8-2. Todd Helton and Troy Tulowitzki also homered. But the real hero had to be 21-year-old starting pitcher Jackson Morales who must have hypnotized the Phillies hitters into waving at pitches outside the strike zone as they limited themselves to 3 hits over the first 5 innings against the Rookie.

Rockies Blow First Game to Phils

September 10, 2007. Matt Holliday demonstrated why he will never be a superstar. While he is a better than average hitter with good power and decent foot speed, he doesn't have the instincts or attitude of a great player. Monday night, with the game and perhaps the season on the line, Holliday not only failed to field a ball hit into the left field corner but he showed a clumsy ineptness seldom seen in a Major League ballplayer. First, instead of fielding the ball with the glove to make sure it didn't get to the wall, he tried to grab it with his bare hand, risking injury and lessening his chances of making the play. When he wasn't able to grab the ball, he just gave up, allowing the winning run to score from first base. The Rockies should have won the game easily, but with a combination of inexperience and lack of discipline by the players and coaches, they found a way to lose the game and possibly any chance at the playoffs.

Rox Playing Historic Series in Philly

September 9, 2007. The Rockies are on a plane right now, winging their way to Philadelphia to play a team that continues to make fans and experts shake their heads in consternation and frustration... read more

Rox Take Series from Padres

September 9, 2007. Colorado only needed 4 hits to beat San Diego 4-2 Sunday and clinch the three game series. Garret Atkins had a two run homer and Matt Holliday hit one out as well, his 26th of the year. Todd Helton had the other two hits, including his 35th double, making him the first player in history to have at least that many for 10 years in a row.

Rockies Beat Giants 7-4

September 3, 2007. The Rockies stayed in the hunt for both the Wildcard (4 games behind Arizona) and the West (5 games behind San Diego) with a victory at home. Colorado scored all of their runs in the third inning, with winner Jeff Frances chipping in a double as he won his 15th, against only 6 losses.

Good Pitching, Hitting Too Late in SF

August 29, 2007. Colorado starters continued their unbelievable blistering pace, achieving a 1.37 ERA in the last 5 games. Unfortunately, they got no support from the offense in the first two games on the bay, losing 4-1 and 3-1 to the last place Giants. The bats finally woke up, or a least the one in the hands of Garret Atkins, as he launched 2 balls out of the dump as the Rockies salvaged something by winning the 3rd and final game of the series behind Jeff Frances, who threw only the second complete game and shutout of his career. Holliday's streak ended at 17 games on Tuesday, and he was passed for the club homerun lead by Hawpe, who belted his career-high 25th. Chris Iannetta also homered for Colorado, his 3rd. Frances won his 14th game, tying his career high.

Nationals Swept Naturally

August 26, 2007. Up until the 9th inning Friday, it looked like another lost home series for the Rockies. But that exhilarating 6 run inning carried through the next two games as Colorado won 5-1 on Saturday behind the 3-hit pitching of Ubaldo Jimenez and 10-5 on Sunday behind the 3-hit pitching of Elmer Dessens. Hawpe homered on Saturday and Holliday provided the smash on Sunday, maintaining his hitting streak at 16.

Rockies Save Season!

August 24, 2007. Just when it looked like 2007 would be lost beyond all hope, with the Rockies back at the .500 mark and too far back to have any hope of catching the West or Wild Card leaders, a miracle happened. The team had only managed 4 hits and one run to enter the bottom of the ninth on the short end of 5-1 score. First pitch swinging brought a single, homer, and single for Tulo, Holliday, and Helton. Atkins came next with a double, and Hawpe walked. Torrealba singled in two runs to tie it, and an error by the Washington shortstop on Matsui's grounder produced the game winner. So, Colorado is still hanging on, 4.5 games back of San Diego for the WC, 8.5 behind Arizona in the West, and 2 games over .500. Better keep on winning.

Then Blowing it Again

August 23, 2007. Nine runs yesterday, a single pathetic tally scoring on a single by Ryan Spilborghs today. Beaten again by the last place Pirates from Pittsburgh. Now 1-2 on the home stand and falling further and further behind the Diamondbacks, Dodgers, and Padres, none of whom lost today. The Rockies, at 64 up and 63 down are now 7.5 games out of first and 4.5 behind the wild card leaders. Worse, they are in jeopardy of falling below .500. Time to start winning, beginning with the Pathetic Pirates tomorrow afternoon.

Blowing people out at home

August 22, 2007. Ian Stewart, next year's regular third baseman, hit his first Major League home run in dramatic fashion with the bases loaded as the Rockies rolled over the Pirates, 9-2. Stewart's Grand Slam along with the second homer by Tulowitzki in as many days, not to mention dingers by Holliday and Hawpe, backed strong hurling by Elmer Dessens, Buckholz, and Ortiz. The home stand is even at 1-1.

Blowing it at home

August 21, 2007. Losing at home to the last place Pittsburgh Pirates: priceless. Tulowitzki hit a home run to give the Rockies a one run lead, then Fuentes came in and blew the save by giving up two runs. Wait a minute. Where have we seen this before?

1 for 3 in LA, Too

August 20, 2007. They lost 6-4 Friday with Josh Fogg starting, then won on Saturday when Matt Holliday singled in the winner in the 14th. Then on Sunday a two-run blast from Todd Helton wasn't enough as they bowed to the Bums, 4-3 to finish off a 2-4 road trip to Southern Cal. At 63-60, the Rockies have dropped to 4th place in the West, 7 games in arrears of the Arizona Snakes, and 3 games off of the Padres' pace in the Wild Card sweepstakes. Now they return home for 4 against the last place Pirates followed by 3 against fellow cellar dwellers Washington. Better win them all.

1 for 3 in SD, on to LA

August 16, 2007. The Lodo Lumberjacks left their wood behind when they departed for SoCal. Greg Maddux and the Padres shut them 8-0 on Tuesday, but they came back with unexpected help from neophyte starter Ubaldo "Baldy" Jimenez with the 3-0 victory on Wednesday. In the rubber game on Thursday, the Colorado relief staff had a total meltdown, giving up 9 runs in the fifth inning and going down 11-9.

Colorado Body Slams Chicago 15-2

August 11, 2007. Jamey Carroll hit his first Grand Slam, the record-breaking sixth of the season for the Rockies. Josh Fogg held the Cubs to 2 runs over 5 innings and Affeldt, Julio, Hawkins, and Speier shut them out the rest of the way. Colorado pulled within 2 games of Wild Card leader San Diego, and tied for third place with the Dodgers, 5 and a half back of surging Arizona. Tulowitzki was the hitting hero along with Carroll, banging 4 hits and 3 RBI, while Brad Hawpe chipped in with a Big Fly and 3 more ribbies. So let's see, it's now 19 runs to 18 in favor of the Rockies in the series with the Cubs, pending the results of Sunday's game. Who can predict what will happen next?

Rockies Lose Second to Cubs 6-2

August 10, 2007. The Cubs made it 5 in a row over the Rockies with their second win of the series Friday night. With the loss, Colorado dropped back into fourth place, a game behind the Dodgers.

Cubs Rout Rockies 10-2

August 9, 2007. Watch out Cubbies, we warned, and watch out they did, ambushing the hapless, and helpless Colorado goons by an 8 run margin. This game serves as warning to the Rockies and their fans that they are not a good team yet. Their biggest flaws were embarrassingly evident: thin pitching, inexperience, and over-confidence. Holliday was the prime example, failing to back up third base on a run-scoring error, and then falling asleep in left field and allowing a ball to be hit over his head. After that 19-4 win, they thought they were invincible. Get over it.

Priceless! Rockies Win 19-4

August 8, 2007. What's priceless? Sweeping the Brewers, who are in first place in the NL Central, in a three game series in Denver. That is priceless. But even more priceless, if there is such a thing, is moving past the Dodgers into sole possession of third place in the NL West, just two games behind the Padres for second and four behind the Diamondbacks for the brass ring. Doing it by drubbing, thrashing, bouncing, and blasting the Brewers by 15 runs behind Jeff Frances? That's not just priceless, its senseless. The Rockies are playing like a runaway train, unstoppable with a whole head of steam rolling downhill on a steep grade. Watch out Cubbies!  

Rockies beat Braves, are 3.5 games out of first!

August 3, 2007. Jeff Frances gave up 1 run in 6 innings, while Garret Atkins provided all the offense need with a 3-run home run off John Smoltz as the Rocks cruised to a 9-3 victory over the hated Atlantans and assured themselves a successful road trip. They also moved to 4 games over .500 and within a game and a half of the third place Dodgers. Woo-hoo.

Colorado takes ill-advised day off

July 30, 2007. Just when they were on a roll and playing at home, the Rockies decided to get lazy and take a day off. "My whole family was looking forward to today's game, they're in a pennant race and the weather is beautiful. How could they do this to us?" exclaimed disappointed fan Jayson Banning who drove all the way from Grand Junction with his family to attend Monday's game. If the Rockies end the season a game out of first, they will rue the day, July 30th, 2007, when they decided to take a day off rather than continue their quest for the World Series.

Only three and one half back!

July 29, 2007. The Rockies took another home series, this time from the Dodgers, a feat they hadn't accomplished 8 straight times since 2005 against the team from LA. The win put Colorado 3.5 games behind Arizona and Los Angeles, and 3 behind San Diego. Rookie Ubaldo Jimenez got his first Major League win by holding the Dodgers to just two runs on 4 hits over 6 frames. Bullpen pitching was shaky, but the offense compensated amply in the 9-6 victory. Matt Holliday stayed hot, kicking in a homer and knocking in 3, while Jamey Carroll plated 2. The team resumes play in Miami on Tuesday with 6 road games with Florida and Atlanta.

Home Sweet Molson

July 23, 2007. The return to Molson Canadian field returned immediate benefits as the Rockies destroyed San Diego's bullpen and ruined a good effort by sure HOF Maddux by erupting for 5 in the 8th and beating the division leaders 7-5. They also returned to the plus side, boosting their record to 50-49. Jeff Frances had a bad outing, giving up 5 earned over 6, but Buchholz bailed him out with two scoreless and the win, aided by the zero and the save from Manny "Corpuscle" Corpas. Holliday and Hawpe were the hitting heroes with homers, with two on for the former and one for the latter.

Almost a good start...

July 22, 2007. Things were looking good for the Rockies at the resumption of the Major League season after the borefest that is the All Star Game, won as usual by the AL for the 10th straight year. Colorado lost two of three to a tough Milwaukee team, then swept the hapless Pirates in three, steaming in to D.C. to play about the worst team in Baseball. At 4-2, they were certainly expecting to finish the road trip at 6-4 or 7-3. After splitting the first two games, things still looked good. Who knew the Rockies offense would not score again, losing the last two games by identical 3-0 scores to pitchers you never heard of? Well, 5-5 is not bad, and they even made it to third place ahead of Arizona for one day! Now to beat SD and LA at home and make a move for the division title.

Rockies Home Streak Ends

July 8, 2007. The Colorado home win streak ended at eight as the Philadelphia Phillies came from behind to win 8-4 on Sunday Afternoon. This time, the second rain delay of the season seemed to cool the Rockies bats instead of the visitors, as they overcame a 3-0 Rockies lead mostly on the strength of homeruns by Burrell, Victorino, and two-out RBI singles by Utley and Howard. The Rockies ended up winning 5 of 6 on the home stand and will start a 10-game road trip after the All Star break.

Fate Favors Rockies

July 8, 2007. Talk about your team of destiny, the Rockies clearly have fate on their side, at least while they are playing at home at Molsen Canadian Field. On Friday, with two out in the bottom of the ninth, the baseball gods clearly interceded to make Phillies relief pitcher Antonio Alfonseca think he was throwing at the home run contest at the All Star Game (where the object would be to help the batter hit a homerun), so he promptly grooved a fastball in Spilborghs wheelhouse and watched it sail over the center field fence. Yesterday, the Phils were on a roll in the top of the first, slamming the Rocks starter for 3 runs on 2 homers. Then the fates once again interceded with a rain delay, after which the Phillies did not threaten again. In today's game in the second inning, the umpire's eyesight was apparently affected as an obviously foul ball was ruled a triple for Hawpe. Also, in the entire series, the usually dependable Phillies defense has totally fallen apart, especially the outfield, who came in leading the world in throwing out base runners, but suddenly can't seem to handle the humidified baseballs. One other peculiar occurrence, the Rockies starter, Cook has great control except when facing Pat Burrell, to whom he throws the ball 3 feet inside plunking Burrell on the upper arm. Even stranger is the fact the Burrell "owns" Cook, hitting over .600 against him coming into the game. (In the next at bat, Burrell hit a homerun off Cook.)

Rockies and Phillies - Twins Separated at Birth?

July 6, 2007. The Rockies may have finally found a manager worse than Clint Hurdle... (click the heading for more)

Rockies Win at Home Over Team Not From New York!

July 6, 2007. An epic battle tired mediocre teams seeing who cares less...

Victory at Home Over a NY Team III - MetSweep

July 4, 2007. Rockies 17, Mets 7. Whoa.

Victory at Home Over a New York Team II

July 3, 2007.

Another Victory at Home Over a New York Team

July 2, 2007.

Back to the Dark Side in 12-0 Debacle

July 1, 2007.

Finally Frances to the Rescure, Rockies win 5-0

June 30, 2007.

8 in a row, will it ever end?

June 29, 2007. Not today, as Fuentes once again doused the light of Clint Hurdle's hopes and dreams by serving up a two out gopher ball to Mark Loretta after a five pitch walk to last night's hero, Lee to set the stage for the Big Bomb. Fuentes could not be found after the orb cleared the barrier to the glee of Houston fans who haven't had much to cheer about prior to the visit from Rockies' Choke Festival. 

Oh, no! Seven in a row

June 28, 2007. This time Fuentes' last pitch resulted in a Grand Slam as the Rockies lose again after Tulo put them ahead with a home run in the top of the 11th. Carlos Lee did the honors for the Astros launching the missile that downed an 8-5 win in Steam City.

6 in a row

June 27, 2007. Well, it didn't end today, as the Rockies rolled over in Chicago once again, 6-4. Maybe they can win one in Houston...

Road Warriors? More Like Road Apples...

June 26, 2007. The once proud (last week) Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball Club has now lost a season-high 5 games in a row. All on the road. All with Clint Hurdle managing. When will it end?

Can it Get Any Worse Than This?

June 25, 2007. After being stuffed all day long, the Rockies bats came alive as they rallied from a 5 run deficit in Chicago to take a 9-8 lead, capped by Tulo's three-run homer. Then they blew it in the bottom of the ninth, losing 10-9.

From Bad To Worse, Swept in Toronto

June 24, 2007. The Rockies lost and didn't even get their lone hit until the ninth inning, a Jeff Baker single. Josh Fogg was on the losing end of a brilliant pitching performance by some Toronto pitcher no one had ever heard of. Looks like the 2007 collapse is coming earlier than 2006's. The Angels won again.

Argh! Rocks Go Down Again

June 23, 2007. Aaron Cook had a bad night, Tulowitzki hit his 3rd home run in as many days, and the Rockies lost again in Toronto, 11-6. Maybe it's just the shock of finding themselves in another country without a sea of fans wearing Yankees Jerseys. Despite the loss, they are only 4.5 games back, nothing a good win streak couldn't erase by Independence Day.

Meanwhile, the Angels are staying on course to meet the Rockies in the World Series, winning their 48th game, the most in the Major Leagues. The Rockies have won 38.

Buzzkill! Rockies Lose in Toronto

June 22, 2007. They will have to forget this one quickly. What looked like a great come-from-behind extra innings victory quickly turned into a devastating loss. Tulowitzki had given them an 8-6 lead in the top of the tenth, but Brian Fuentes gave it back, with the help of a throwing error by catcher Chris Iannetta that let the winning run score with only one out in the 9-8 loss.

Colorado Sweeps The New York Yankees!

June 22, 2007. The impossible has occurred. The Rockies have actually out-pitched, out-hit, and out-won the greatest team (so-called) in the history of Major League Baseball! Granted, they aren't so hot this year, and their best pitcher is in his forties, but it was a great and improbable 3-victory sweep none-the-less. If the Rockies can keep this momentum going on the road in Toronto and beyond, the World Series is within there reach.

Yanks Lose in Denver!

June 20, 2007. Unbelievable! A low scoring 3-1 pitcher's duel with the Rockies beating Mussina and the Bronx Bombers! Josh Fogg held the Yankees down and Matt Holliday drove in the winning runs.

Blake Street Bombers Face the Originals

June 19, 2007. The Rockies have won 4 of the last 5 and face the New York Yankees tonight. Colorado is boasting a winning record at 35-34, 5.5 games off the Padre's pace, and will face the 35-32 Yankees, who are coming in hot, having won 9 or their last 10. This is a pivotal moment for the Rockies, with a chance to prove they are for real. The Baseball Observer will be convinced if they win one of the three and avoid any humiliating, crushing blowouts. Not too much to ask is it? Anything else would be gravy.

Meanwhile, the BO's pick for the Colorado opponent in the World Series, the Angels, are keeping up their end of the bargain. They are not only maintaining a 6 game lead in the AL West, they have beaten the Dodgers 5 games out of 6 in the interleague series, single-handedly keeping the Rockies in the race in the NL West.


Rockies Win 7 in a Row!!!!!!

May 29, 2007. This time it was Rodrigo Lopez, fresh off the DL and holding the World Champs to 3 runs over 6 innings as the Rockies win 8-3 and elevate their record to 25-27, which I am pretty sure is their best mark of this century. It also moves them ahead of San Francisco and out of last place!

Rockies Win 6 in a Row!!!!!!

May 28, 2007. Jeff Francis shut down the defending World Series champs as the Rockies extended their winning streak to 6.

Rockies Win 5 in a Row!!!!!!

May 27, 2007. Just when it looked like the wheels where coming off, and catching fire, and going flat, and the whole machine was being run over and pulverized by the Kraken and Godzilla. And Spiderman and Superman and the Fantastic Four along with all of their friends and relatives couldn't save them... The Rockies went out and won 5 in a row on the road. In your face, Lincicome! At least for this week, it's good.

Bell Bests Backstabbing Buddy

May 20, 2007. Buddy Bell came to town Friday, with the team he manages, the lowly Kansas City Royals, owners of the worst record in baseball. Rockies fans remember Bell as one of the short-term managers between the hideously incompetent Don Baylor and the clueless "Clem" Hurdle. In fact, Bell and his predecessor, Jim Leyland, were the only managers that had Major League experience at that position prior to their employment in Colorado. Leyland had Hall of Fame credentials, and Bell had some successful years with Detroit and the Rockies. In sad chapters for the franchise, both were run out of town on the heels of totally unprofessional machinations by the screwed-up Colorado brass. Buddy Bell was undone by the slimy backstabbing of one of his trusted subordinates, whom he had brought to the big leagues - none other than Clint "Clem" Hurdle, the current manager-in-name-only. While visiting the clubhouse during Bell's administration, the staff of the Baseball Observer noted unparalleled professionalism - in fact, it was like a real Major League club instead of the disorganized mess prevalent during the Baylor and current regimes. Bell and Leyland have both gone on to respectable careers in the sport, with Leyland instantly bringing more than respectability to the defending American League Champion Detroit Tigers. Bell has a much more difficult situation in Kansas City, but the Observer is betting that he will have some success before he is done.

Buddy clearly demonstrated his superiority over Hurdle, not only by beating the Rockies two out of three on the road, but by causing a desperate Hurdle to make more than his usual quota of boneheaded mistakes. Karma sucks for someone like you, doesn't it Clint?

Hurdle Headed for Meltdown

May 9, 2007. Clint "Rube" Hurdle is acting more like the Hee Haw character he looks like with each passing game. Last week he went ballistic when umpire Bob Davidson ruled what looked like a homerun was officially a ground-rule double. Today he reamed out his pitcher in front of 43,000 people in St. Louis after pointedly signaling his catcher not to follow him to the mound. It didn't do much good, either, as the Rockies continued their mediocre play, losing 9-2 to run their record to 14 up and 20 down. Old Rube is pretty cranky these days, anyway, because the fans and local media responded with outrage when the twin buffoon owners of the Colorado Baseball Club announced on opening day that they had given both Hurdle and his partner in crime, GM Dealin' Danny O'Dowd two-year extensions through the 2009 season. All of the radio, television, and print news machines in the area had built up 2007 as a do-or-die season for the Dyspeptic Duo, but the Meathead Brothers blew the whole theme and left them to try to come up with something else to maintain the public's interest, which they haven't done yet.  Actually, the Rox aren't doing too bad, considering they have played more road games than any other team and start a 10 game home stand tomorrow. If they win 8, they're back to even.

The Angels are Now in First, Rockies Still in Last

May 8, 2007. Los Angeles seems to have recovered from their early troubles and are now tied with Oakland for first place in the American League West. The Rockies, on the other hand are continuing with business as usual, mired in the cellar. To be fair, though, of all the last place teams, they are the closest to first. And, they have had a tough opening schedule, playing 21 of their first 30 games on the road in some tough places like New York and St. Louis.

Rough Going Early On for the Observer's World Series Picks

April 16, 2007. The Angels have lost 6 of their last 7, including being outscored 15-2 by Boston in the last two games. The Rockies have lost 3 in a row including tonight's meltdown by Jeff Francis, giving up 7 runs and losing to Barry Zito and the San Francisco Giants 8 to nothing. But Helton is on a tear, hitting his first homerun yesterday and pounding 3 hits today. Hawpe and Holiday are doing well but need to get on a hot streak, along with Atkins if the Rox are going to mount a win streak. The 7 game home stand is off to an inauspicious start, but Colorado has a history of hitting at home, so they could break out of it.

O P E N I N G    D A Y !!!!

April 2, 2007. The fly-over was spectacular, as usual, as was the great big American Flag... Click for more...

Celebrate Opening Day

April 1, 2007. Yes, tomorrow is opening day. It's not only a great day because the Observer says it is going to be the best year in Rockies' history, but because Opening Day is always a great day! In case you didn't know, it is also a holiday in Colorado, so the atmosphere is totally festive. Go downtown in the morning, eat breakfast at one of the great places on the 16th Street Mall or LoDo, get a sandwich or burrito for lunch and get to the stadium at least two hours before game time. Check out the lame attractions the Rockies put up around the park, then get to your seat early to watch the festivities that always include an impressive fly over by some kind of aircraft. Watch the game, which the home team usually wins, then get some dinner and head home. It's one of the best days of the year without a doubt. It's sold out, but tickets can usually be had from scalpers.

Rockies Chase Worst Record Ever

February 26, 2007. They dumped their best pitcher, tried to jettison their best hitter, served notice to their GM and Manager that this would be their last year if they didn't win, and then put together a team the looks, at least on paper, capable of losing over 100 games in 2007. The good news is that it will be easier than ever to get good seats to any game except the ones with the Bronx Bombers. The bad news is that the tickets will cost more, there are fewer deals to be had, and the team is a joke again. But what else is new? Oh, yea, Woody Page is back! That should make it all worthwhile!

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Baseball Observer: Yankee Cheating Ruined Pick.

October 10, 2007. According to the Legendary Baseball Observer, who alone among all of the Worlds baseball pundits picked the Colorado Rockies to get into the playoffs, his pick of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim would have come true if it wasn't for cheating on the part of the New York Yankees.

The Yankees have been eliminated every time they have played the Angels. So, to avoid playing them in 2007, the Bronx Bombers purposely lost games down the stretch to avoid passing Boston and winning the AL East, which would have earned the Angels as a first round opponent. Had the Yankees not changed fate, the Angels would have been in the World Series. Now, the Observer is certain that Boston will defeat Cleveland and face the Rockies.

October 29, 2007. Right again! The Observer called it, as usual, although Clint Hurdle's ineptitude was much more pronounced than anyone would have guessed. Who knew he would tear some pages out of Don Baylor's book on how to lose?

You Heard It Here - Rockies to Play Angels in the World Series!

April 1, 2007. Remember the Montreal Expos in 1981? For years they had been patiently grooming their farm system to produce a steady stream of top notch talent, only to lose them to free agency due to their limited budget. But in one glorious year, the Expos got the right combination of cheap veterans and young talent together and were headed for the best record in baseball and a great shot at the World Series. Then came the strike, but that's another story. Nobody predicted that Montreal would be that good, much like nobody in the mainstream media is predicting great things for the Colorado Rockies this year.

But they are all wrong this time. Even with the worst ownership, General Manager, and field manager in Baseball, the "Meat Brothers" Monfort, Dealin' Dan O'Dowd, and Clint "Rube" Hurdle respectively, the stars or whatever are aligned and the Rockies will have their hundred year high water point in 2007. The Baseball Observer is predicting the Rockies will win 93 games and win the Division by at least 5 games. Not only that, but they will cruise through the playoffs and take the Angels to 6 games before losing.

The biggest reason for their success, ironically, will be the propagation throughout the league of their ridiculous humidifier. As other teams will discover, using the humidifier has the main effect of negating home field advantage. Pitching is enhanced and hitting is depressed. Hitters can't get used to hitting the heavy, cold, wet balls. But the Rockies have been using it for years, and thus will have a short window of tremendous advantage.  2007 is the Rockies' year. If they can't do it now, it may take them longer than the Cubs. Except they don't have the luxury of rabid fans who will fill the stadium every day. That ship has sailed in Colorado. If they don't win soon, they will be gone, either disbanded or moved to another city. Thanks, Monforts.

Anyway, the Baseball Observer is tired of picking the Rockies to finish last, as everyone else is again this year. Every dog has his day, so let's hope this is the Rockies'. If not, well it is April 1st.

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18,553 20,547 4.38%
18,406 19,352 4.55%
25,392 18,222 -3.05%
23,206 18,207 -6.28%
25,144 20,366 -8.30%
18,591 19,135 -7.12%
18,595 22,338 -4.52%
18,827 22,795 -2.27%
30,339 25,746 -3.87%
36,035 20,120 -9.05%
30,310 26,162 -9.50%
18,214 33,569 -4.31%
18,204 24,243 -2.34%
20,327 20,178 -2.25%
26,358 20,023 -3.71%
30,270 23,610 -5.02%
20,208 22,399 -4.29%
23,192 24,017 -3.90%
30,296 25,829 -4.56%

Rockies Look A Lot Like Last Year

March 17, 2007. Todd Helton will be at first and a bunch of other guys you won't remember 3 years from now will be playing the other positions and pitching. It'll be the last year for Manager Clint Hurdle and GM Dan O'Dowd, both of whom will be looking at serious demotions if they ever want to work in Baseball again. It will be a great year for the Meat Brothers Monfort, who will make millions of dollars thanks to the largess of Major League Baseball's revenue sharing program. The long-suffering (but not by Red Sox or Cub standards) Rockies fans will be left bitter and disappointed yet again, with absolutely no hope in sight. All of Denver's teams are in a low period, to say the least, so it's a good thing the skiing is better than ever. At least Denver fans will get to watch Steve Finley cap a long and effective career as a part-time center fielder for a last place team. Pathetic.

Another Great Rockies Tradition Bites the Dust

February 26, 2007. Alan Roach, the incredible booming bass voice of the Rockies will be heard no more in Molson/Coors Field. Roach gave the usual reason for quitting: "to spend more time with his family". Everyone knows no one ever means that, so the Rockies must have told him they couldn't afford to pay him because Todd Helton was making too much money. Alan will be missed, in way too many games, his introductions were the only entertaining moments.

Rockies Humidor Advantage Eliminated

February 10, 2007. In the wake of a tidal wave of protests by other major league teams, Major League Baseball decided to make all teams store their balls in humidors, thus insuring the greatest pitcher's year in Baseball history in 2007. Storing the balls in these contraptions increases the moisture content of the spheres, making them heavier, softer, and easier to grip. Heavier and softer balls can't be hit as far, and they will be harder to hit because pitchers will also be able to control them better and spin them faster as well. Maybe Bonds won't get those 22 homeruns this year after all.

Cheating Rockies?

March 25, 2007. Well, if cheaters never prosper, that might explain a lot about the Rockies lately. According to Fox Sports, former Rockies players told management of the Arizona Diamondbacks that Colorado coach Walt Wiess was in uniform on the bench the last five years for the sole purpose of stealing signs from the opposing team's bench. But Arizona is apparently getting the last laugh because the Rockies have been informed by the league that they will be fined $10,000 every time Weiss or fellow coach Vinny Castilla appears in uniform in the dugout. The National League office has reportedly confirmed that the action was taken in response to a complaint from a Western Division team. Now they'll have to go back to stationing someone in the scoreboard with binoculars.

R You In? Inspired Promotion by the Rockies

May 7, 2007. The Rockies are playing the Yankees this year and those games are sold out. Opening Day was SRO, and the Fireworks Games are usually filled to capacity. Then there are those series with popular out of state teams, like the Cubs, Cards, and Braves that are nearly filled with fans wearing their colors. Other than that, practically no one in town is interested in going to the games or even checking to see if the home team was victorious. Now if this was Sacramento, aggressive and intelligent owners might come up with brilliant ways to keep the team in the news, and would invent imaginative promotions that would keep people engaged and coming out to the park, where there would be a gleeful party atmosphere that would make customers want to come back.

But in Denver, there is no party atmosphere. In fact, the place is like a morgue on funeral day and even the purple and black colors seem appropriate. And talk about your dull promotions. First it was "Generation R", now it's "R you in?". Next year it will probably be "Losers R Us". To top it off, they have done away with all of their discount promotions and actually had the gall to raise the price of the tickets. The meat marketing mentality is written all over this team. The Monfort brothers are just staring in slack-jawed disbelief as people stop buying their poor quality product, just like they did with the meat business. Some company that knew the meat business bought that company and turned it around. Now if some company that knows the sports business would just buy the Rockies...

Bernie Lincicome Slams Denver Fans Again

May 23, 2007. In an article entitled "Denver Fans Simply Too Grateful" on the Scripps website, BL impugns the intelligence and sincerity of every baseball fan in Denver when he says "they deserve what they will stand for. And around here, showing up is good enough."

Lincicome has no respect for Baseball, as he shows every time he shows up at Coors Field with his 12 Gallon hat and high heeled cowboy boots and tromps around on the field, trashing the soft grass and earth around home plate, oblivious to the anguished moans of the ground crew. He also has no respect for the English language, as he hacks blindly at whatever point he is trying to make, setting the world's record for ending sentences with prepositions. But worst of all, he has no powers of observation, which is usually pretty important to a reporter. Because if ol' Bern would look around himself some day at the ballpark, he might notice that he's practically alone. If he checked the ratings of the Rockies broadcasts, and any talk shows foolish enough to use the Colorado Baseball Club as a subject, he would find that nobody is watching or listening, either.

Yes, Bernie, the fans are much smarter than you think or are, for they have gone on to richer pastures and pastimes. They are rooting for other teams, or other sports, or maybe just taking advantage of the bounty of engaging properties of this, the most beautiful state of them all. Why worry about the greedy morons who are running the baseball team into the ground for their own amusement? For that matter, why worry about idiots like Bernie Lincicome who's only reason for wanting the team to gain respectability is because his fortunes will rise. Maybe he should think about another team, in another state.

Phillies better team than Rockies in at least one thing

July 8, 2007. When it started storming during the game Sunday, the groundskeepers started rolling out the tarp to cover the infield. When the wind gusts blew the tarp over several of the workers and lifted others into the air, the announcers sounded an ominous warning that although the crowd was obviously amused, the grounds crew members could easily be seriously hurt. Seemingly on that cue, the entire Phillies team rushed out into the field and assisted the crew in wrestling the wayward tarp to the ground and securing it to the ground, getting soaking wet in the process. When the fabric was safely anchored with sandbags and golf carts, the Phillies squad trotted off the field to a standing ovation from the crowd.

Through the entire ordeal, that lasted at least 5 minutes, the Rockies team in the clubhouse, just seconds away from the field and able to watch on TV, were not seen. In all fairness, the selfish management of the Rockies probably forbade the players from returning to the field to help their colleagues, in order to protect their meager investment. We're sure Monfort would much rather have grounds crew people injured than a player anytime.

It's nice to see that there are more important things then money to some people. Any one of those Phillies could easily be injured, and their payroll dwarfs that of the cheapskate Rockies. 

Pigs Fly! Hurdle Admits Mistake

May 19, 2007. Clint Hurdle admitted making a mistake when he removed starter Jeff Francis after only 74 pitches, then watched a 2-0 shutout turn in to a 2-5 loss. Clint mumbled some lame excuse about wanting a power pitcher with a fresh arm to blow away the KC hitters to get out of the inning. However, no such pitcher exists on the Colorado staff, so the real reason was that he was so desperate to beat the mentor that he betrayed (Buddy Bell, KC and former Rockies manager) that he deluded himself into thinking he was making a brilliant move that would catapult the team to victory. Instead, he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.


NCAA Kills the Bird or March Isn't Mad Anymore

March 23, 2007. Vanderbilt lost a few seconds when officials allowed their opponent to bulldoze to the basket in an offensively foul manner, while obviously moving his pivot foot in what should have been called traveling. Then, the sleeping officials added insult to injury as they swallowed their whistles as Georgetown tackled the Vanderbilt player before he could shoot for what would have been the winning basket. Earlier, they had allowed Ohio State's freshman, soon to be first rounder, violently push a player to the ground in frustration, and not call the intentional foul that would have cost the Buckeyes the game. Instead, it became a free timeout for the Buckeyes, saving them enough time to make a lucky 3 pointer and go on to win the game in overtime.

What the announcers, officials, and NCAA bigwigs don't realize is that they are destroying their Golden Goose with their callous disregard for the game of basketball. Obviously, teams are fired up and play much faster and rougher in the postseason, but the officials must control the game in order to let the team that executes best win the game. Instead, they allow brutal acts and obvious cheating that ensure that the most physical and athletic team wins. Most of the people who watch basketball do so because they enjoy the speed, skill, strategy, and teamwork that goes into the game, along with the fact that smaller, faster, smarter teams always had the potential to beat the big, strong, well-financed teams. Not anymore. By "letting them play" the NCAA has ruined March Madness and the Final Four for millions upon millions of viewers. The end is near. Now the NBA is more fun to watch.


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