ShowStoppers at NABShow 2016

ShowStoppers, the media event, not to be confused with the Las Vegas show with the similar name, was held last night, Sunday, April 17, 2016, at the Wynn Hotel and Casino on the Strip in Las Vegas. Companies with products to promote at the world's largest trade shows, like NAB or CES, employ the ShowStoppers crew to help them get a head start with the press in order to avoid being lost among the thousands of other exhibitors at the show. ShowStoppers identifies the cream of the reporting crop attending the show and attracts them to the event by supplying goodies, fine food and drink, a party atmosphere, and a first look at products that are unique and will potentially have a significant impact on the industry. This makes them popular with vendors, because getting a slot at the ShowStoppers' event increases their chances of getting positive press coverage that transfers into sales. Hot products at ShowStoppers have been known to go viral in social media.

A spring blizzard in Denver kept the FreshBaked Observer from attending ShowStoppers last night, so this coverage is completely assembled from the reports posted on the Internet or published at the NABShow. If we have inadvertantly missed any useful reports, please email to "editor" at and we will endeavor to include them.

According to the official ShowStoppers site, the following vendors were selected to present their products at the event:

  • ABonAir
  • Aerotain
  • AMD - The professional graphics card manufacturer is announcing at the show a 32GB model of the FirePro W9100, the largest capacity graphics card in the world! AMD is delivering on their promise to enhance project-critical workflows for seamless VR storytelling.
  • AmpLive
  • Brother
  • Cheqroom
  • Dell
  • Digiflare introduced Videa, a cloud platform for building, delivering, and managing high performance phone, tablet, and TV apps.
  • DJI
  • Ericsson

    - Launched something call MediaFirst Video Processing, which combines Ericsson's proprietary technology with that of recent acquisition Envivio to create a product that, in the words of the vendor's Head of Media Marketing and Communications, Simon Frost, "delivers the best media processing available for an application, extending network and service delivery capability. This innovative solution, which complements the Ericsson MediaFirst TV platform, also reduces operational complexity, cost per service and the length of time required to deploy services to market."
  • Foxfury Lighting
  • Free Axez
  • G-Technology
  • HP
  • Imagine Products
  • Linguistech
  • LookAT
  • My Research
  • Peer5
  • PlayOn
  • Portrait Displays / SpectraCal
  • Seastar Labs / Strive
  • Sennheiser
  • Sphericam
  • Streamstar
  • Sprockit
  • V-Nova