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Breaking CES 2012 News

CES Show Floor Opens

The Best of CES and Storage Visions According to FreshBaked
Amplistor, Petabyte, SSD/iSSD, Quad Core, Ultrabook, gaze interface, OLED, 4K Monitor, PS Vita, USB 3.0, streamTV, Ice Cream Sandwich, Ivy Bridge, urban concept,ToughPad, PlexTV, Hz0,
International CES: The Only Show

If you can only attend one computer-electronics show for the year, or for the rest of your life, for that matter, CES 2012 is the one. Follow this link for the latest!
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Colorado Electronics Industry Companies are Leading the World in Innovation, Quality, and Respect for People and the Planet…

3D HDTV - Success or Failure? What does the Internet say?

Last Minute Fail-Proof Gifts
Your giftee needs these items, whether he or she knows it or not. Watch the wave of instant recognition pass over their face when they are presented with these indispensible items.
Sonos Breaks Sound Sound and Price Barriers
ZonePlayer S5 - The first affordable (sort of) wireless iPod room speaker systems are now available.
Pioneer's New Receivers
Adding to the tradition of economy and high performance.
November Events
VoiceCon in San Francisco and InterOp in New York, by Greg Hill great conferences, Christmas shopping opportunities.
Where are the HD Radios?
They keep talking about them, but where are they?
 At Bat 2010, Major League Baseball's Killer App for the iPhone/iPod, continues to evolve
Building Your Home Entertainment System Around an iPod?
Recharge devices wirelessly
Sony Vaio Lifestyle 8" PC weighs 1.5 lb. with battery
Is the Palm Pre phone the hit of the show?
Samsung LED TV: networked/uses widgets to view Web Content
Open the garage with your Blackberry
"Fusion Render Cloud" helps AMD deliver super games
Wired or Wireless Home Connections?
Updating July 25, 2009. Orig. August 12, 2008. By Greg Hill.
Everyone wants a networked home.  Distributing audio, video, and data to every room is a right, not a privilege. But what if the abode only has Cat 5, or even worse?  There are alternatives, and some of them are ready for prime time.
Most Tech-Savvy Convention in History
The Democrats said it. Maybe the most "tech-savvy" POLITICAL convention in history, and that is not saying much. Really, nothing to see here, folks, go about your business.
Some of the Keys To the IT Collapse
August 10, 2008. The IT Industry has been on the decline for the entire 21st century and there is no end in sight without some drastic changes...
Twitter? Some People Think It Will Be The Hottest Thing In 2008
Check out the title link for more than you ever wanted to know about Twitter. If you don't have the patience, Twitter is just the thing for you, because it is super small (140 character), super fast "Micro Blogging".
Vista Security Updated
First Test Indicates Vista Service Pack 1 Worth Loading
March 31, 2008. While mostly a collection of previous fixes and updates, SP1 also delivers performance and stability enhancements...
Why Wikipedia Cannot Be Trusted
November 24, 2007. For weeks we battled to expose the truth, against determined opposition from anonymous enemies ...® Plan for a Safer America

Half of the people who live in the United States have nothing to do but surf the web all day and all night long....Read the rest of the story...

Current Buzzwords

Wondering about the meaning of such strange words as "Avalon", "WiMedia", "UWB", "ZigBee", "WiMax", "SOA", "Itanium®", "Vista®", "Big Water/BTX", "Indigo", "Centrino®", "WiFi", "IPv6", "UPnP", or "Sparkle"? Click here and we will tell you.

In the Tradition of SCO...

Hey, Windows Notepad works exactly like a piece of software we wrote in 1982, so everyone who is using Windows send us $1,000 for a run-time license or we're going to sue you. Just kidding! (It's actually $699, check or cash).
"You are a great computer journalist!" Craig Wood, West Region Practice Leader, Avanade, Inc., to Editor-In-Chief of®, Greg Hill.

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