: CEDIA 2019

See See CEDIA!

The Biggest Show of the Year in Denver

Dates: September 12-14, 2019. Next show: September 10-12, 2020
Venue: Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO
Show Motto: "Powering the built, connected environment."
by Greg Hill, September 20, 2019

The CEDIA Expo gets bigger and better every year.

Sponsor: CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association or as they describe themselves, the Home Technology Professional Association, an industry group that uses revenue from dues to provide services to members, including educational events like the CEDIA show, as well as support and software.

Description: The show draws a spectacular exhibitor mix of the largest electronics manufacturers and the biggest designers and installers of home entertainment, networking, and security technology in the world. It is the closest thing in Colorado to the fabulous CES International show in Las Vegas every January. Anyone who spends time indoors will be interested in the items on the show floor as well as the demonstration rooms and seminars.

Target audience: The home technology design and install business community. Most of the attendees interviewed were associated with companies engaged in installing electronics in family homes or commercial buildings.

What's on the CEDIA Show Floor

We entered about 20 minutes ahead of the crowd waiting to surge into the second floor exhibit space when it opened at 9:30 AM, with the intention of canvassing the entire expo unencumbered by the crush of bodies. Starting at the extreme northwest corner and video recording as we went up each aisle and down the next, we only progressed a little past the halfway point of the deceptively large space before being enveloped by excited onlookers who were oblivious to our presence. After being jostled and forced to dodge rushing attendees, many with their eyes glued to their phones instead of their path, we finally reached the last booth in the southeast corner, speaker manufacturer MartinLogan Ltd. It had taken over 50 minutes without stopping - that's how big it is!

Along the way we passed vendors providing everything (and more) that the well-equipped technology installer needs to do the job. When we say everything, we mean it: on display were custom vehicles, installation and maintenance tools, wiring, training programs, electrical outlets and switches, network infrastructure, cameras, audio equipment (speakers, amplifiers, and accessories), video appliances (televisions and projectors), furniture, home automation equipment, etc.

Purpose of the show and other insights. The show is intended to help CEDIA members improve their business acumen by increasing their knowledge of available products by visits to vendors on the show floor and training of staff by using the educational sessions.

Training and Education:

Awards and presentations: The Association's annual award ceremony used to be a part of the annual Expo, but is now separate, held in regions around the world. The winners are announced here. There are awards presented at the Expo itself by the editors of CEPro magazine to recognize exceptional products and projects. There are also awards for the best booths.

Show-related activities:

Daily after-show activities:


Notable Vendors:

Pre-show Press Releases:

Here is a short list of presentations at the 2019 show: The show floor has about 500 vendors that cover every possible way to improve life at home. From media rooms to disappearing living room televisions to invisible surround sound to mobile device control of everything from internal temperature to garage doors and security cameras there is too much to describe - you need to see it!