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Onkyo ES-BT1 Trainer Headphones

These wireless Bluetooth headphones are built for use during physical activity, with their durable one-piece construction and easy on and off pull-apart fit. They are extremely lightweight, with a single plastic band that goes over the top of the head and uses its spring tension to hold the spongy, mesh covered pillow-like earpieces in place. The soft rectangular “earpads” (as the instructions call them), are attached to a flat metal band that can be pulled down to adjust the fit over the ears. The mesh cover and foam earpads are designed to wick away moisture. They are permeable enough that sounds from the outside can be heard, so they can be worn in any setting where complete noise blocking isn't desirable or necessary, like in the park or near the freeway.

There are three buttons integrated into the left side of the headband. Holding down the middle button down for three seconds (You will hear a single beep) turns the headphones on. Continue holding the same button down for 6 more seconds to put the headphones in “pairing mode” (two beeps) to connect them to a Bluetooth sound source. When the two Bluetooth devices are in pairing mode, the sending device (music player, Smartphone, tablet or computer) will detect the receiving device, make the connection, and begin sending sound. For example, when these headphones are in pairing mode, and Bluetooth is turned on in the “PC settings” in Windows 8 or 8.1 on a tablet or computer, a box pops up with the title “Onkyo_Trainer Ready to Pair”, and when clicked, a button appears marked “Pair”. When that button is clicked, the sound starts coming out of the headphones (if they are selected as the default device in the “Sounds” category of the Control Panel).

The sound is very crisp and three dimensional, with excellent stereo separation and a strong bass component. Volume adjustment is simple, using the top button of the three on the left side of the headband. The lowest button tells a music player to skip forward or backward. Starting and pausing the music is accomplished by pressing the second button and releasing quickly. As with all Bluetooth devices, the skip, starting and pausing features may not work the same on every device because it is dependent on the manufacturer’s implementation. The Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation I used worked fine for all functions.

There is also a built-in microphone, so the headset can be used to make and receive phone calls. Music is automatically suppressed during phone calls and resumes upon completion.

A cable is included for charging the onboard battery, which takes about two and a half hours and provides eight hours of playback time.

The suggested retail of these headphones is $99 and they are available in Red, Yellow, and Blue on the Onkyo site or at Amazon.


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