Announces Software for Windows Vista

July 29, 2007. Fresh Baked Software announced two new programs targeted for users of the Windows Vista operating system. Both programs are designed and written by Microsoft and GIAC certified staff to take advantage of cutting edge tools and methods in both software development and advanced security.

FBMarketeer is a framework designed to assist large and small companies in selling products online. The first plug-in module will assist users in selling products on the world's most popular auction site, The eBay module is built using the auction firm's .Net programming tools, provided to FreshBaked as a part of the partnership agreement between the two companies.

FBMarketeer will allow companies to liquidate excess assets or sell inventory by building templates and inputting inventory into the SQL Server database, then using simple tools to create auctions or store fronts on eBay. Content, pictures, and payment links will be published automatically. All results will be stored in the database, available for extracting historical reporting.

Windows Vista users will also be able to monitor their auctions in real time from the application page or via the FBMarketeer Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget.

Additional features will include eBay Market data reports which will allow FBMarketeer users to make informed decisions about products and pricing, and to extract sales demographics such as gender, buying patterns, etc.

Lastly, all transactions will be made using the strongest security available, reducing the exposure to any losses due to illegal activity. Users will seldom, if ever, have to resort to logging directly into sales services over the unprotected Internet.

Future plug-in modules will be available for free or a nominal fee, for other online services as well as providing for the building and maintenance of a private web site in ASP.NET and AJAX, providing fast efficient transaction services and brilliant marketing with a few clicks.

The FBMarketeer will sell for less than $200 dollars and is projected to be available with the eBay module on January 15, 2008. It will run on all versions of Windows Vista.

FBTechTest Announced

The second program to be announced by (release date: December 15, 2007) is FBTechTest.Net, a program that uses Visual Studio actions to test programmer proficiency. Candidates will be tested for their skill levels with the following platforms: Visual Studio itself, C#, Visual Basic, Web and Windows screen building, ASP.Net, SQL Server Tools, AJAX, and Web Services. Other disciplines will be added as they are released by Microsoft. The programmer to be tested simply starts visual studio and is given a series of tasks to complete, which are completed interactively with the help of the software. When the candidate is finished with the project, scores are displayed for each of the pre-selected test areas. Data is stored for each candidate, which can then be queried to select the candidate with the preferred attributes for the position to be filled.

This is far superior to any currently available test program for .Net developers because it clearly demonstrates ability with the actual tools that will be used on the job.

FBTechTest.Net will run on any machine that will run any version of Visual Studio 2005. The starter version (without Visual Studio) includes modules for testing C# and ASP.Net, and will retail for less than $300.


Both programs will be available for secure downloading at and other sites to be announced.

Watch this space for the product home pages including working demos of FBMarketeer and FBTechTester.Net.