Popcorn! Where to buy it and eat it...

Munson Farms - Boulder Popcorn Bags of uncooked popcorn grown in Boulder, Colorado and claimed to be the best on earth. You decide.
The Popcorn Factory Great Popcorn!!! Sort of expensive, though. They have retail outlets in places like Phoenix, San Diego, New York, and Los Angeles, but, alas, none in Denver.
Pike's Peak Gourmet Popcorn Another Colorado Springs-area popcornery, actually in Cascade, Colorado at the foot of Pike's Peak on your way to visit Santa at the North Pole.
The Popcorn Palace It's on Navy Pier in Chicago. We've heard it's good, the Food Channel raved about it, but we haven't tried it.
Vic's Popcorn, Omaha, Nebraska We used to have Vic's in Denver, but they all closed. You can still buy it in bags at the grocery store, and it's really good, too. But it's just not the same as fresh.
Dale and Thomas Popcorn "Oprah's favorite popcorn". This is the company of Chicago native and former Indiana University and Detroit Piston basketball star Isaiah Thomas. They have stores in NY, NJ, PA, MN, and MI to complement their main mail-order business.
 Dale and Thomas Popcorn  Dale and Thomas Popcorn